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Commands & Permissions

MissionPouches has a variety of commands and permissions, allowing you to give pouches to your players, list available expansions, reload the plugin and more.

Note: <> are mandatory arguments, and [] are optional arguments.

    • /missionpouches: Root command. Will print help page.
      • give <player> <pouch> [amount] [finished]: Give a pouch to a player. Finished is a boolean, set it as "true" if you'd like to pouch to be completed.
      • giverandom <player> [finished]: Give a random pouch to a player. Pouches with weight 0 won't be considered.
      • giveall <pouch> [amount] [finished]: Give all online players a pouch.
      • expansions: List all installed expansions.
      • list: List all loaded pouches.
      • reload: Reload the plugin.



  • missionpouches.admin.give - Access to /missionpouches give.
  • missionpouches.admin.giverandom - Access to /missionpouches giverandom.
  • missionpouches.admin.giveall - Access to /missionpouches giveall.
  • missionpouches.admin.expansions - Access to /missionpouches expansions.
  • missionpouches.admin.list - Access to /missionpouches list.
  • missionpouches.admin.reload - Access to /missionpouches reload.

NOTE: Every pouch can have its own permission, and random actions can have permission checks as well.